TRA Certification Inc.

Focused on eco-friendly, sustainable design, construction and operation, TRA, certifies that an RV manufacturer is "green capable" and uses their process, materials and components for a truly green assembly. TRA also verifies the green claims of materials and components suppliers.

During the certification process, the manufacturing facility, as well as the RV, are scrutinized against a checklist of items. In the factory, the manufacturing process and the materials used are evaluated. For the actual RV, the following categories are evaluated: Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality and Operation & Maintenance. Certification of the RV is offered at either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Emerald (highest) levels. Based in Elkhart, Ind., TRA Certification has been endorsed by the National RV Dealers Association.

TRA Certification Inc., 800-398-9282,